About Us


Kearns – Giblin Sharpeners was born out of a love for fishing. It is owned by

fishermen who embody a desire to provide true fishermen with what we

truly feel is the best possible sharpener on the market. Any real fisherman

knows the most important link between you and the fish of your dreams is

your hook. If it is not the absolute sharpest it can be, it should not be good

enough for you. Under microscopic examination we have found that even

the best hooks on the market are not as sharp as they should be. The

reason being is that most lack the knife like profile, that our sharpeners

provide, which allow them slice through tissue with impunity.

Our sharpeners are 100% American made. Our materials come from

American companies. They are fabricated and assembled in America, by

Americans. They may cost a little more than than other products that are

made elsewhere, however, this is a value that is important to us.

With the rising cost of fishing adventures it makes no sense to save a few

pennies when it can cost you the fish of a lifetime. Don’t go cheap – Drive

your hook deep!

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Kearns – Giblin Sharpeners